What are co-occurring disorders?

What is needed for recovery?

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What is needed for recovery?

With integrated services, one clinician or treatment team provides services for both mental illness and substance use at the same time. There should be one treatment plan addressing both substance abuse and mental health needs.

Integrated services do not require services to be provided by a single program; services may be offered by different programs and/or clinicians at different locations. It is important that one clinician closely coordinate all aspects of treatment to prevent confusion.

The goal of a clinician or treatment team is to ensure that the client receives all services necessary for their recovery.

Why is this important?

  • Integrated services are important because people with co-occurring disorders (COD) have a much better chance of recovery from both disorders when they receive combined or integrated mental health and substance abuse treatment from the same clinician or treatment team.
  • Collaboration among providers is essential to coordinate care as clients with COD take steps towards recovery.

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